The Beginning of a Long Tale

Well hello there!

This the first post of what I hope will be many, tracing the journey of our hero, Brandyé Dui-Erâth, through a beautiful and dangerous world that is overrun by darkness. This WordPress site will be dedicated to sharing the story as it evolves, with hopefully a new chapter posted at least once each week. At the moment, there looks to be no shortage of weeks, nor of chapters.

So what does this mean? A little bit of background, perhaps, could help (you can check this out with the About Erâth link at the top of the page). The Redemption of Erâth is a fantasy tale set in the imaginary world of Erâth, which is odd in that it is a flat world, which is to say it has an edge. The people who live here, now at least, do not really have an awareness of this, though they are not particularly aware of much at all. For ages past, the world of Erâth has become corrupted by the Duithèn, the eternal race of Darkness, and only the lands of Thaeìn remain unconquered. The kingdoms of Thaeìn, Erârün and Kiriün, will not see the rise of Darkness against them, and keep themselves blind to all that occurs in the world around them.

Yet from a tiny land called Consolation, forgotten in the South of Thaeìn, a young man will be banished from his home, and cast upon a journey that will take him across Thaeìn and beyond, to the world of the Ancients, to discover the secret that caused the downfall of men so many thousands of years ago. It is here that he will learn the nature of Darkness, and come to gain the wisdom and strength to unite the despairing populations of Thaeìn and bring Erâth to light once more.

And that’s the essential gist of it. As planned currently, this story will take place over seven separate books, each dealing with a separate chapter of Brandyé Dui-Erâth’s life. It has already begun with his birth in Consolation, and might well end with his death, many years hence. It is even possible that Erâth will not be saved from Darkness; these things are not yet decided.

What I hope to do with this blog is share my world with others, and bring to as many as possible the joy of discovering something that did not exist before. And for those who have been following on my other blogs, I will continue to update there as well; this is intended to be dedicated to this story, and will ultimately provide a unified place to read the entire tale from start to finish.

So happy reading, and I’ll keep you up to date!




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