Update on the next chapter

Good evening, dearest readers!

I just wanted to reach out and apologize, for I do not have a new chapter of The Redemption of Erâth to share with you this weekend. Chapter 14: The Constabulary of the Fortunaé, is indeed in progress, but we have had a wonderful visit from some very old and dear friends, all the way from Sheffield in England, and most of our week has been spent on day trips into New York, and far too many gin and tonics in the evenings. As such, I haven’t had the time I would have liked to progress this week.

Chapter 14 is around 2/3 complete (2,700 words out of a 4,000-word target), and I will try to post it as soon as it is finished. My hope is that this will be early this coming week, and I will try to be back on schedule with Chapter 15 by next Saturday.

In the meantime, in order to fulfill your weekly dose of high fantasy, I suggest you check out my friend Destinare’s blog over at destinare.wordpress.com.

Or read a good book.

See you next week!




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