A New Year, and a New Book

Well, hello there!

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard anything from Erâth, and you, my dear readers, have shown me much patience in waiting for news of that world.

Last year was something momentous, seeing the issuing forth of a massive 110,000-word tome that chronicled the early life of our hero, Brandyé Dui-Erâth. This was an undertaking I never saw myself completing, and I believe I quite knew the sensation those mad souls who dare to climb Mount Everest must feel when they stand on the top, looking out over all of the world, when I penned (typed) the final word of that book.

A lot of work had gone on before that, of course, in the late months of 2011, and the back history that was created then has been shared here over the past few months as well. That work was fundamental to the creation of Erâth, and I was elated to be able to share the discovery of this world with you. But even that had to run out, and eventually there was nothing more to say.

Until now.

Late last January, I sat down, summoned my courage, and wrote the following sentence:

Brandyé Dui-Erâth was born under a low red moon to awful circumstances.

Thirteen words to launch a world, and a journey. That journey is now in the process of reaching independent publication, and I can’t wait until you have the chance to hold this work in your own hands. It’s been through several rounds of minor edits, received professional editorial feedback, and is now in the stages of final structural editing. This process has been ongoing for a while, and unfortunately is taking longer than I had hoped (my own love of procrastination hasn’t helped). Still, I’m hoping to be able to move into production before spring.

But where does that leave us in the meantime? More importantly, where does it leave poor Brandyé? Stranded, alone at the edge of a black sea, with nothing but darkness and despair to accompany him…where in Erâth can he possibly go from here?

Well, I have good news for you. Although the remaining editing work for Consolation is important, I’m under no particular time constraints, and at the moment the manuscript is in the hands of my editor anyway. What couldn’t wait, though – what I couldn’t wait for – was finding out what happens to Brandyé next. Discovering if there is any salvation to be had for him. Watching him try to survive in the wilds beyond the Perneck. And taking a step further into the wide, bleak lands of Erâth.

Work has begun. It is coming. I hope to keep to the same format as last year – a new chapter each week – and have the draft of The Redemption of Erâth: Exile completed by the end of June.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?


Join Brandyé in his quest:

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