A new language to enjoy!

So it turned out for Book 2: Exile I had to learn a new language for the people of the Cosari. I actually thought they were going to speak English when I first heard about them, but sadly it turns out that they have a language all their own. Luckily Brandyé learns it quickly enough, so that we can understand their dialogue throughout the book, but early on it’s kind of hard to know what they’re saying.

This new language – Cosari – is a bit different to Erâtheet, which is the language spoken by Elỳn and Shaera (and from which Brandyé’s own name is drawn). Phonetically it’s hasher, with more k and t sounds, as opposed to the th and r sounds that dominate Erâtheet. I only know about 100 words so far, but it’s enough to make basic conversation.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2: Isles of the Cosari:

Khana tít om duhk-wōmita mahnd. Tít í hahp; mulu-mat-om tít rahn. Ifra-bàhd tít dihn, ra nè-tafra. Araki dû tít, tít crohnat.

Khana found him by the Black Sea. He was alone, though he had befriended a bear. His mind is strong, if not his body. He is a gift to you.


Join Brandyé in his quest:

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