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1115956_10151849053493033_64326026_oRaised between the soaring peaks of the Swiss Alps and the dark industrialism of northern England, beauty and darkness have been twin influences on Satis’ creativity since his youth. Throughout his life he has expressed this through music, art and literature, delving deep into the darkest parts of human nature, and finding the elegance therein.

These themes are central to his two current projects: The Redemption of Erâth and A Gothic Symphony. Though the two tales are far removed from each other (The Redemption of Erâth is a dark fantasy; A Gothic Symphony is gritty, contemporary fiction), they are both tales of the bitter struggle against darkness and despair, and an acknowledgement that there are some things the mind cannot overcome.

Written from a depth of personal experience, Satis’ words are touching and powerful, hallmarks of someone who has walked alone through the night, and welcomes the final darkness of the soul.

However, for now he lives in New Jersey with his wife and nine-year-old son.

You can visit the official website here.

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16 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Spring Break has arrived and I’ll be sitting down to read you story from the beginning. 😀 I’m very excited about reading it from the snippits that I’ve seen.

    • I smiled to read this today. It’s been great fun to write this tale, but so far the only people I know have read the whole thing are myself and my son. I’ve been worried that posting such long chapters as a blog would be daunting for people; it’s wonderful to think that there are other people out there who have the patience and the interest to read it all from the start. Every time I see this I feel all the more encouraged to plod ever onward and bring the tale to a close, even though it may be some time away!

      • I got so excited that I made a banner and added you to my recommended reading list just from reading the Appendices you have on your main blog. Hope you don’t mind!

        • I am flattered beyond words, Destinare (Gwendolyn?). The banner you made is beautiful – I am no artist myself, and must resort to photography; the fire you used is my father’s wood kiln. The strokes you added are genius, and the font is gorgeous – it looks like it has a slight texture to it? I’m going to come right out and ask: may I use it as the main banner for The Redemption of Erâth?

          • Gwen or Gwendolyn. 🙂

            I knew I should have asked first to use that image. I didn’t think about it until after I posted it. I’m sorry. 😦

            Yes, it does have a slight texture to it. The strokes just looked right and I didn’t bother with experimenting with any other styles, colours, or whirls. The font took a little bit longer to find. I wanted to find something that fit the feel of your story but still had a sweeping quality.

            Absolutely! You are more than welcome to use the banner. 🙂 Feel free to use it wherever you like.

  2. Satis, I just finished your latest chapter (with Ruele’s scrolls), and I am amazed. This world of yours is extremely vivid, and obviously in the Tolkienesque vein. I’m not quite excited for the day when you finish it, because that means this story will be over, but I look forward to reading each chapter each week! I was so very sorry to read about Sonora’s fate, though I had a suspicion it would happen sooner or later.

      • I am so incredibly touched by your enthusiasm and support, I’m not sure what to say! It is extremely encouraging to have such positive feedback on what is essentially unedited copy; so far I’ve only have one other person following my blog with equal rapture. As I think it says elsewhere, I started this all for my son, but it’s grown into me as well, and I do think I want to try and publish it when it’s finished. It’s comments like yours that make me feel like this is possible. Thank you!

    • Aha, but the story is not over – we are on book one! There are to be seven books in total (have you noticed the number seven cropping up here and there?), and I don’t think the story will be done until Brandyé is done, and that will not be for some time.

      • Mea Culpa, I should have clarified that I’m not excited for when you finish this tale (however long it will be.) A quick nitpicky thing I would point out though (not sure if this page is the best place for it- and dear god I use parentheticals a lot-), is that the dialogue seems to ring a little fancy. It’s not anything too terrible, but from what I read even highly educated people only speak in eight to ten words at a time in a sentence. But this place is enchanting. 😀

        • Insightful feedback – I appreciate it. I have tried to maintain a distinctness in the dialogue between common folk and those who are more educated. Ironically, I often find I write as I speak; my own dialogue is littered with semi-colons! When I come to the first edits, I will be bearing this in mind. Thank you!

  3. Why did I not know you where a writer of such a wonderful story? I somehow feel cheated, but am so glad I have found my way here! (it’s not like you where hiding it, its like once again I was clueless…ha!)

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